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  • Before getting into the unique traditional memes, it need to probable be https://www.mmobc.com mentioned just how essential Leeroy Jenkins is to the real World of Warcraft universe. References to him are anywhere in almost each Blizzard sport, and this is perhaps most obvious in Hearthstone wherein the character was given an original mythical minion card in 2017.

    This card is even pretty flavorful, summoning Whelps for your opponent when it enters that can potentially slaughter you and your birthday party. With its marvelous artwork first used within the respectable World of Warcraft Trading Card Game in 2006 drawn with the aid of Jonathan Gabriel from Penny Arcade, it's a wonderful monument to this historic meme.

    Blizzard's effort to flow into this meme further has been massively influential at the longevity of this meme, and as a result it is no longer the simplest card available. Many enthusiasts have put this iconic art on other varieties of playing cards considering its debut within the World of Warcraft Trading Card game, with WhiteCrowXV making one as early 2008 onto a classic Yu-Gi-Oh card frame.
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