Looking for shooters to join your MyLeague team

  • In the current NBA it's impossible to MT 2K22 be a team that is winning without a handful of sharpshooters on your team. That's also the case in NBA 2K22. By shooting well on three-points on teams, players could take a major advantage over your opponent in just several minutes or climb from a deficit of just one point more easily than a team focusing on the post-game.

    Looking for shooters to join your MyLeague team, or simply looking for the best players to shoot long balls with in PlayNow this is the list of the top three-point shooters of NBA 2K22. These are the top shooters that are available in the game when it launches. NBA 2K22 ratings are changing throughout the season So we'll keep a close eye on the statistics and amend this list as needed.

    Stephen Curry has been the greatest three-point shooter of the NBA for many years, and there is no reason to expect him to slow down anytime soon. The daggers Curry hits during real-life situations are just unprofessional and, frankly. He could take half-court shots in Buy NBA 2K Coins his sleeping. Although you may not be hitting like Curry whenever you're taking charge of 2K22There's an actual shot counter But it'll be more easy to shoot than all other players. He has a 99-three-point rating.