If you take into account their well-known MMO

  • WoW would not exist if Blizzard invented it now. It's most likely an Overwatch MMO or something completely different. They haven't really done anything with WOW Classic TBC Gold Warcraft in a very long time (besides hearthstone, which could be a new game).

    It is possible to compare Overwatch with Project Titan or WoW, and what it could be similar to if WoW were released in 2021. I'm convinced that WoW2021 could be restrained to a handful of half-assed BGs along with some Arenas, and some loot boxes.

    If you take into account their well-known MMO, based on buy TBC Classic Gold an IP they've maintained and updated for the past 15 years, it's absurd to assert that they've done any work using the IP. What else could they be doing apart from Warcraft 4?