Guild needs me as Boomkin for the foreseeable future

  • It's normal. It's normal. to beat AOE. People are now comparing everything to WOW Classic TBC Gold the top most circle jerks that parse but who cares. You could become a successful DPS tank, and then switch to DPS with bosses. Most people only speak BiS and Parse in the main stream now and 10 seconds more time on fighting that was made simpler by utility is too excessive for them.

    If the feral simply refuses to ever bear (which is pretty troll too) they still have Crit buff, Innervate, ff if no boomie, mangle , or any player with bleeding, and deal the same damage as Rogue. Rogue is only useful when they're A-the only player in the raid, and B- have an excellent IEA uptime.

    Guild needs me as Boomkin for the foreseeable future and into the near future, which is why I'm trying to put together my Boomie set (was focused on Resto prior and the set was pretty close to where I would like it to be). What I have is a combination of heroic drops, raid discards and buy TBC Classic Gold reputation buys. This is particularly true when it comes to HSP. Every other group is "EYE RESERVED". Yes, I know I'm not the best at this but I'm not likely to have it by the time I reach this point.