You can increase your "My Brand"

  • Increase your interest to "My Brand" to 2K22 MT get sponsors. Beyond the ability parameters, the character will also have other "My Brand" value ? ?such as "fashion" as well as "music". Once the job or game has been completed.

    This value will accrue a certain amount of knowledge and experience. It will also raise the level. These "personal interest"-style ability points are mostly used to sign up sponsors. The character can be signed by the sponsor once the value is reached at a specific level. Additional appearance fees may be also be paid and VC Coin can be increased.

    You can increase your "My Brand" by performing various tasks within the city. Make sure you are aware of the assessments of your teammates during the game. This does not mean your career will be easy, even if you were picked by a solid team during the NBA draft. As a newcomer, unless the role ability has greatly exceeds the average of the entire team, your period of time in Buy NBA 2K22 MT the reserve will be longer than the time spent on the court. For more. Coaches will make an appeal and the player must receive multiple "B"-level evaluations from his teammates before being named as the starter.