Vince Carter is a top 10 player

  • The best part regarding NBA 2K22 is that players don't have to NBA 2K22 MT choose which dunks to take. With over fifteen Dunk slots, players have the ability to have, and should, use the most secure and special dunks. The MyPlayer will automatically use the dunk that makes the best sense for the specific situation so that users don't need to worry about having their ball slapped away while they're hot-dogging it.

    Clyde Drexler's dunks have become a legend due to their flawless mix of speed and class. The announcers are captivated by how far the jump takes place away from the basket. This makes this set elegant and practical. Defenders under the net can generally not react at the right time when an Drexler jam is released from the free-throw line.

    Vince Carter is a top 10 player. Although his spin-machine-like moves might appear to Buy MT 2K22 be just trying to impress (and there were times when they were), this twist kept the ball out the hands of taller opponents. This style is perfect for hitting players larger than MyPlayer.