Although all of that is fantastic for hunting trips

  • Don't get caught up in RS gold the extras. It takes approximately 4 minutes for the ruddy recharge so it's not something I'd be relying on. You can use your existing weapon even if you're not interested in combat. If you are into combat and fighting, then the sword offers a few basic advantages.

    First is of course the Attack bonus - it might be less than 25% more accurate (fully equipped 163 using the Godsword as opposed to 132 using the whip and defender set-up), but that's a huge advantage against the monster's defence ratio. It allows you to be more consistent in hitting in terms of hunting trips go. The second main advantage, is the strength bonus. You can inflict at minimum six more damage points than any weapon you have ever used (I believe Dharok's Greataxe is the most powerful). Additionally, you can receive an 8-point prayer bonus.

    Although all of that is fantastic for hunting trips, it is not as impressive for buy OSRS gold casual fighting (mainly Slayer). It hits more often and harder, but twice as slow than the whip. Although it's not as fast as the Dark Bow's melee version, it's still faster than the whip. However, without the Black Mask or a super attack potion to make up for the speed loss I'd suggest alternative options. It all depends on how big the monster is (Black Demons for instance, Godsword's good there).