Is it worth buying 10K of pure ess with 70

  • I'm not able to commit to rfd due to OSRS gold it taking too much time. Additionally, there are so many quests and requirements that i have to complete before i can even step foot in the dining room again. Legends cape is a good option since it's inexpensive to replace.

    Is it worth buying 10K of pure ess with 70 attack to get a weapon, even when my level of strength is 52? I haven't yet tried isles, just started getting to yaks. Is it worth doing? I would like to see combat lvl be 70. That will make me a better fighter and give me around 80 mage.

    Okay, I've decided to go for 99 fletching...Wish me luck! I have 11 mil in my budget. Before i spend it all on string and logs, I NEED TO KNOW IF THIS IS THE BEST guide to follow!

    Level 40-55. I would recommend going to Seers' Village from now on. This is the best location for those at your level and above. If you're cutting your own logs to buy RuneScape gold make willows, make a note of the spot on the map. For 55 fletching, you will need 3,082 Willow Longbows.