Divine Locations are made using the Divination skill

  • You're aware that the RS community...has changed a lot in the past years. I learned so much in the past from fellow members who would be more than glad to OSRS gold talk with you when you needed to talk and would offer excellent tips. We're similar to.. and it's sad to admit that we are not like the rest of "World of Warcraft". This is due due to the fact that we are older than most people. Used to have been a lot of adults and teens. Today, however, almost all teenagers are. It doesn't mean there aren't any adult birds.

    As an "clanner" I think one of the most important things that the game has taught me is the importance of responsibility. In the days of F2P warring, I was a member of two clans. I have learned about leadership, management and, even, some html/php.

    Divine Locations are made using the Divination skill, and give plenty of resources very quickly, until you hit the daily limit. They have high XP/time or GP/time ratios, so they're worth doing each day. Your level determines your daily limits. The maximum is 250 at 2500. You are able to count each resource you gather from yourself, or any resources received from other people through divine locations to buy RS gold count towards your daily limit. Certain resources will fill your limit quicker than others.