It's similar to asking your spouse out for dinner

  • Normally, I'd say it favors the Steelers however, their QB situation isn't getting much better this moment. I'm talking about Mike Tomlin was practically begging Aaron Rodgers to Mut 22 coins come play for Pittsburgh on Sunday.

    It's similar to asking your spouse out for dinner and after that, you ask her out on a date after she has paid the bill. Ben is sitting on the SIDELINE WITH YOU MIKE, he's watching the look you give Aaron GOOGLY EYES.

    As you can observe, I don't anticipate any of the quarterbacks during this match. That means it is going to be a matter of special teams and defense. Although I think Roethlisberger will struggle against the Broncos However, I think the quarterback of Denver -- whoever it is -- will be more difficult against the Steelers.

    If this game were being played in Denver I'd most likely choose the Broncos however, this game is being played in Pittsburgh and I'm going with mmoexp madden nfl 22 coins the Steelers.