Madden NFL 22 will be out in just a few weeks

  • Don't be fooled, this is an EA game that is why EA games function exactly as they are expected. Micro transactions appearing in a game isn't surprising anymore, but that does not make it any less offensive when they're present in the faces of players, and Mut 22 coins covering every menu. The game can be frustrating in its slowness, sluggishness, and bores you without spending a lot of money.

    Best tight ends - Madden NFL 22

    Madden NFL 22 will be out in just a few weeks. It's the most recent version of the football simulation. It's become a tradition that the producer EA Sports slowly releases the highest player ratings as we near the launch of the new Madden game and that tradition is staying alive. Let's look in-depth at the Madden NFL 22 tight ends.

    The biggest story here is Travis Kelce once again secures his place in the highly-coveted Madden 99 Club. While the Kansas City Chiefs' season did not go as they had hoped, it was yet another great year for Kelce, as reflected in his overall. George Kittle, often the source of debates regarding who is the top tight end, ranks with 96 overall. Despite playing with an assistant quarterback for the majority of buy Madden 22 coins the season, Kittle proved he's one of the top in the game.