The Ironman Challenge, a community-craze

  • How can I forget the defeat of Elvarg in OSRS gold Dragon Slayer? What can I do to forget The Chosen Commander? There are a myriad of other unforgettable quests that I could mention! Although I don't think I'll return in the near future I hope this community will continue to be around for many, many more years. Thank you Runescape, as well as Sal for the guide!

    Hey all! JagexHQ has witnessed the popularity of the Ironman Challenge grow and we have been enjoying watching athletes take on the challenge through YouTube streams or videos.

    The Ironman Challenge, a community-craze where players design an original RuneScape character. It is only possible to make use of the equipment and resources that you own and can't ask for assistance from other players. It's a lot of fun and tests your skills and knowledge.

    It's an enjoyable sport however, there are some restrictions. There's no simple method to prove that you're an ironman. Also, it's impossible to buy RuneScape Mobile gold prove that you've adhered to the rules (or inform people who didn't).