Jagex's integrity could suffer the most damage

  • Freeplay isn't required to trading. Jagex affirms that freeplay doesn't require trading. But, it's a step up to full-featured members. It is possible to disagree with me, however freeplayers will always be lower up the hierarchy of totems. It is important to consider the benefits to RuneScape Mobile gold denying the free trade of everyone:

    It will increase the enjoyment of playing and make it less vulnerable to hacking. While there probably would still be a fair few around (it is unlikely to get to the levels it was before the introduction of free trade) this will make the game more possible to play again. Although it may be called classic, it will make it harder to be scammed and make it more difficult for novice players to fall for it.

    A member's benefit of free trade would provide a strong incentive to players to upgrade. Additionally the more fun gameplay would encourage them to stay for longer. However, at the same time it would be unpopular for freeplayers, especially because it would probably result in the wilderness having to have to be removed again. Freeplay might allow the return of PvP to these areas, giving those who prefer it to Wildy a place to PK in the wilderness.

    Jagex's integrity could suffer the most damage. While this is an excellent step towards making the game more enjoyable however, some players might see that as a sign of cheap OSRS gold indecisiveness and lying about bringing the wild back. From a business standpoint those who leave because they are angry would not generate the same amount of revenue, and may actually benefit the player base.