For around 15 minutes, I was there during his entire set

  • The typical "I have played WoW since my mother was still wiping my ass and feeding me gerber mushi" precursor to the post. But it's more than WoW. I've played GW2, LOTRO, SWTOR, WHO and all the other acronym that related to an MMORPG. In all these games, capital cities were my place to wait for my group to WOW Classic TBC Gold come together so that I could play and play and have fun.

    FFXIV taught me to appreciate the actions of the people in my life. I ran to Limsa to get a better ranking than the redcoats of old (malestrom I believe is the correct name. Idk I started in Limsa so they're my obligated choice.) While I was loading my bags in the plaza, i thought I heard a tune familiar to me. It was a familiar song that I couldn't identify initially, however, I did know bards could play instruments for the sake of class. I didn't know that bards could get an electric guitar to play Enter Sandman from Metallica.

    For around 15 minutes, I was there during his entire set. Metallica, Nirvana and some other classic rock artists were playing on the radio. While I'm listening, I'm looking around at the people who have gathered. And what is it? Only the most bad ass looking Lala the world has ever seen. What's this? It's a M.Bison cosplay glamour. Are these cosplayers just standing in the square, doing various poses to display their beauty? Are they emoting? Where can I locate it? This minion is adorable. What is it? You get this from a quest! No!

    A man who looked like the Incredible Hulk gave a tutorial on buy WOW TBC Classic Gold crafting to a group of sprouts by the elevator to the Wench. Another bard was playing an EDM sort of nonsense with the harp. There were cat ladies who were waving glow sticks.