James"Big Year" 2022 could make it a reality

  • Last year, the Bolts had three cornerbacks on Mut 22 coins the top 10: Casey Hayward, Chris Harris Jr. and Desmond King. This year there are none of the Chargers in either position. Actually, two of those three players are no longer with the team, and the oldest of them is the sole one remaining in Los Angeles.

    After looking over the above 20 players, which players are included that you think do not deserve an opportunity to be compared with Derwin James? While I'm not convinced Chris Harris Jr. (injuries for 2020) or Michael Davis, (still a slightly untested), deserve a top-10 nomination I'm convinced James can still be considered regardless of injuries.

    James"Big Year" 2022 could make it a reality. I also believe Davis is the right man to be a major player this season to defend Brandon Staley's position However, only time will tell on that one.

    What are your thoughts about the ratings for buy Madden nfl 22 coins defensive backs? Do you have strong opinions regarding this team? Post your thoughts below.