It is equally important to select the correct weapon

  • Last point is, it's just what it is. You can only pull one or WOW Classic TBC Gold two at a time dependent on the class you're playing. If you don't take care and you're not careful, you'll be killed. Classic is the kind of game that doesn't allow you to beat regular mobs at the level you are at unless you already have an upper level character that you can funnel resources to your alt.

    Download the addon Questie. Download WowUp, an addon manager that installs your addons in the right folder and notify you when updates are required.

    Questie will tell you the location where the level-appropriate quests for your specific faction are all over the world. It also reveals where to locate the minimap and map objectives. When you begin to advance to higher levels, going to the opposite continent or to other zones which aren't readily apparent become much more crucial for a smooth leveling experience. Questie is a fantastic tool to help you find the most appropriate quests for your level.

    It is equally important to select the correct weapon. You will have difficulty killing mobs of the appropriate level if your weapon is not sufficient to buy WOW TBC Gold the standard. But, taking on many enemies at once is always difficult in Classic/TBC. It was made this way to make the process of leveling more enjoyable overall, but can frustrate players who aren't in the right frame of mind.