Because the copy is complete before release

  • All servers currently in use are being converted to TBC servers. You can open new Vanilla versions of these servers. You can choose to activating your character on WOW Classic TBC Gold the Vanilla or TBC version. If you would like to activate the identical character on both servers, you'll have to have to pay.

    Edit This article is adapted from Blizz. On Patch day, you'll be able to access the desktop and choose the game you would like to play: WoW Classic or Burning Crusade Classic. Your existing characters will show in both games with your old name/s. Once you've selected a game type choose a character that you would like to play and confirm. If you decide to play as a character in both game types then you can avail a paid option to access the cloned characters in both game types. All you have to do is login as you normally would and then play."

    Because the copy is complete before release and is released. Classic has all the characters, so there is no delay in copying if you select Classic. If you choose TBC the copy may cause downtime (just because it's not instantaneous) and imagine a lot of characters being copied at buy TBC Classic Gold once which could slow the system down.