I was putting together all of my items

  • The panic started! My firemaking cape was all I had in OSRS gold my inventory. I also had 2 magical logs. My friend visited my world to fix my grave. I was able to visit my grave with only a minute left, so he repaired it again! It was a relief.

    I was putting together all of my items. As I was gathering my supplies... And I was thinking, "Where in the sam hell is my Inferno Adze!?" I panicked yet again.

    My gravestone had nothing! I was in awe that my inferno adze my silly jester stuff and my ring-of-fire and flame gloves were gone! I didn't get it!! I don't know the exact location of my minigames and quest items disappeared! They disappeared after I killed myself and logged out. If quest items and minigames items magically disappear then why did my broken book or elf crystal also vanish? What is the answer?

    Now I'm mad. I'd like someone to clarify the situation and explain the reason. I'm planning to call Jagex and inquire just why I cannot receive my belongings back, which they claimed to be returned if you died. That's my personal rant... I don't require sympathy. I'm committed to cheap RS gold this. I'm upset and want everyone to be aware that I do not think in Inferno Adzes. It was mine that I lost. Gahhh...