Beckham's debut season in 2014

  • Each player inside the top 10 has a quarterback that's a media admirer. Although Kirk Cousins is an adequate player in Madden 22 coins the real world, he doesn't have the fame that Aaron Rodgers or Kyler Murray is.

    If you go further down the list, Cousins isn't going to win a popularity contest against Patrick Mahomes, Josh Allen, Tom Brady, or Dak Prescott. Even those names that don't have the status of elite quarterbacks (Julio Jones) or have a stronger record (Allen Robinson) could be considered to be future Hall of Famer.

    Even if this is the scenario, it's unclear how Jefferson isn't included for when Odell Beckham Jr. was elevated to superstar status following his debut season.

    Beckham's debut season in 2014 was one of mut 22 coins buy the most productive in NFL history. He ran for 1,305 yards, scoring 12 touchdowns. Like Jefferson, Beckham put up his statistics in the midst of a sluggish season in the first month after missing the first month with an injury to the groin.