The Fortress: the fort itself has some unique features

  • Ruins: By using iron bars, and hammers that you have from the base of your home, you can create floor spikes. To make an enchantment spot trap, use your magic level. A obelisk and altar within the Ruins allow you to summon familiars. These levels do not need to OSRS gold be equipped with shards and pouches.

    The battlefield is home to many giants and creatures. You can ride or control creatures when you control of a part of the field. You can mix the beast's melee stats with long distance shots when your ranger or mage is present. Horses can also be used from your base to make you move quicker, but I'm not going to stop you from doing so. It is not possible to use melee riding horses.

    The Fortress: the fort itself has some unique features. The fortress has an armor table and a kitchen. You can make different food in the kitchen based on what ingredients are available. The cooking levels of your group determine this. Sea turtles that are raw will be prepared if you have all got 90+ cooking skills. You don't have to cook cabbage if you are in the 5th or lower.

    There's also a weapons rack in Fort. You will find different weapons in buy RS gold the fort. For attacking an enemy fort, you can grab a bomb barrel or a batteringram. You can use the catapults or ballistas outside of the fort for your own needs, based on the way you hold them.