The fact that we're seeing EA update Madden 21 this much

  • The final update to Madden 21's Franchise mode available today in conjunction with EA explaining how it will make it easier for trade of players and improve the fairness of players. The player trading system in the game has been updated. Previously, valuations for Mut 22 coins stars would have been dependent on how high in the depth chart they were for their current team. A change to the system means that players are now valued based on the value they add to the team with which they are being traded. Similar changes have been made to make sure that players are valued according to their ability to participate in the teams' strategies. All in all, EA says that it is hoping that these changes will bring Madden 21 "closer to what we've seen in real life, in light of the changing perceptions of realistic trading over the years."

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    Madden 21 is now accessible to those who want to play it for the first-time. Microsoft and EA have announced just a few days ago that Madden 21 would be available on Xbox Game Pass from March 3 through EA Play. Star Wars Squadrons, several other EA titles, and many of other Xbox games will be joining the sports sim in the coming weeks.

    The fact that we're seeing EA update Madden 21 this much, especially with regard to its single-player Franchise mode, is unusual. It is refreshing to see EA trying to buy Madden nfl 22 coins rebuild trust with players following what was largely considered a roster update and not a real sequel last year.