• Over time, companies have become increasingly aware of the development of industrial safety. Technological and human advances promote the trend towards the reduction of occupational risks, thus offering progress and benefits.

    The ISO 45001 standard aims to reduce the number of accidents or occupational diseases, and above all to integrate the Occupational Health and Safety Management System.

    The implementation of this type of norm is highly beneficial for both the employer and the worker. The employer, through the correct operation of his company, will avoid financial fines, on the other hand, the workers will carry out their work safely without any type of fear.

    What is industrial security for?

    The measures taken for the correct safety of employees are intended to protect them both physically, mentally and emotionally from their jobs.

    The employer is in charge of providing the appropriate material for the correct work development of its employees without accidents. In addition, the employer has the responsibility of training their workers so that they learn the correct operation of the machinery that they will use in their workplace.

    Benefits of industrial safety

    • Compliance with legal requirements.
    • Identify the risks in safety and health at work.
    • Increase credibility and improve the image of the company.
    • Provides training to staff in accident prevention at work.
    • Helps reduce staff turnover and absenteeism.
    • Process improvement are productive.
    • Create a culture of prevention at work.

    Penalties for non-compliance with occupational risks

    In the case of non-compliance with the labor risk law, we can face three types of economic sanctions which are reflected as follows:

    • Minor: in its minimum degree, with a fine of 40 to 405 euros; in its medium grade, from 406 to 815 euros; and in its maximum degree, from 816 to 2,045 euros.
    • The serious ones with a fine, in its minimum degree of 2,046 to 8,195 euros; in its average grade from 8,196 to 20,490 euros; and in its maximum degree, from 20,491 to 40,985 euros.
    • The very serious with a fine, in its minimum degree of 40,986 to 163,955 euros; in its average grade from 1 63,956 to 409,890 euros; and in its maximum degree from 409,891 to 819,780 euros.

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