Path of Exile has seven playable characters

  • Path of Exile has seven playable characters, even though POE Currency alone six are to begin with unlockable. The 7th, the Scion, may be veritably aside via rescuing her from a cage in the Upper Scepter of God breadth of Act 3.

    Picking your aboriginal actualization is essential, however now not as large a accord as in brought Diablo-fashion games. Path of Exile offers an almighty pinnacle bulk of actualization slots, so you can play and about-face amid all seven training in case you so choose. Also, the time-constrained attributes of leagues (which we'll name under) and the chance that you capacity by chance actualize a awry actualization body the aboriginal time you play all beggarly that you will apparently be growing new characters afore too endured besides.

    Many players undertake to actualize their own altered actualization frame the aboriginal time they play, experimenting with altered acquiescent capabilities. But in case you do this, gather in apperception that full-man or woman respecs aren't an advantage in Path of Exile. You'll admission a certain bulk of respec credibility through accustomed progression and grinding, however no longer so abounding that sure remodeling one body to accession is a applicable choice.