They have to first learn to get it back from us

  • From the beginning as a child, dribbling feints, dribbling as well as right-trigger feints hold more importance in NBA 2K22 MT games. We once again have the option of manually controlling timing and speed, and we have a system where the capability to change, manipulate or even improvise on plays can result in more effective plays.

    Of course, to balance things, better and more options have been provided when trying to defend. The aforementioned physical game also gains presence and it has been designed to prevent the possibility of theft by accident or through friction: if they steal the property from us, they have to first learn to get it back from us.

    Of course, the Steal ability of the players is significantly more crucial than in the previous three seasons, but where we can expect to see a significant transformation (and rewarding when we do well) will be in the new blocks that are capable of discrediting any star .

    What's with the offensive side? Without flinching at arcade thrills, Visual Concepts reinvents the shot indicator, making it more dynamic, so that even though timing remains the key to hitting impossible baskets, we are able to adjust our player's skill, fatigue or even our shooting technique. adapting to the circumstances makes each occasion even more special. Therefore, it can make celebrations even more memorable.

    Even though, in the accessible game, the changes are visible at nba 2k22 mt for sale the control and from the first game, the visual reinforcement received by NBA 2K22 receives is remarkably attractive, but not remarkable. Not that it's anything special however and because we've got used to an experience that doesn't just play around with the idea of photorealism.