You'll need Karambwan vessel and Raw Karambwanji bait

  • There is the possibility of earning more money than Monkfish because this location is better for RS Gold that. Karambwan offer a stunning gold ratio in training, but they are also quite poor at leveling.

    In order to catch them, you'll need Karambwan vessel and Raw Karambwanji bait. The best way of getting the location of their abode is to use Fairy Ring codes for teleportation CCR. Once there, take a run North-East until you arrive at the exact spot.

    It's important to keep in mind that since all quests offer similar experiences in Fishing it might be recommended to complete these as soon as possible to be able to tell the difference. On lower levels, a quest could get us through multiple levels, while on higher levels, it's not going to provide one.

    This is a private members only area that is located to the east of Ardougne. To be eligible, participants must attain a fishing level of 68 (which is able to be raised from 63).

    This is among the most sought-after fishing destinations since all fishing spots are situated close to the bank. Inside the fishing guild, players will receive +7 levels to Buy OSRS Fire Cape fishing which allows them to catch fish in faster rate, but won't allow the fishing to go above their current level.