I suggest checking out EA's most recent deep dive

  • For instance, if you think one of the advantages of madden coins the Southeast region is cornerbacks, make sure you select a scout who has experience in scouting cornerbacks for the greatest advantages. Your five scouts are your responsibility to optimize them to ensure you find draft gems.

    As you observe a person as you go, you'll gradually discover more information about them. At just 1%, you'll find the basic physical details about them. You'll be able to access notes about traits, throw style, and more at 10 percent. Every 10% thereafter will discover one of the attributes as letters grade. You'll find the archetype of a player at 70%, with all talents and attributes are at 100 percent.

    The mock drafts offer forecasts on how the draft will play out throughout the season. These projections will show you the players your team will select.

    The latest EA season sim features an enhanced scouting tool that lets you learn more about players. The mock projections are lively and highlight the rise of top players while lesser-tier players are falling.

    It's frustrating waiting for over a month before we can utilize this new tool for scouting, but it does look promising. It is, if it does what it is supposed to do. For a better understanding of buy Madden 22 coins how the new scouting feature in Madden 22 will work, I suggest checking out EA's most recent deep dive.