The Titans are now the second-most-used team

  • Campus Legend is a limited-time feature that players who are new might be interested in cheap Mut 22 coins trying. It borrows its name form the NCAA Football single player career mode from decades ago. From August. 31 until Sept. 27, this iteration will be focused on college all-star teams from current and ex- NFL pros in order to gain access to Madden Ultimate Team players.

    According to EA that the addition of Campus Legend as a sub-feature of the arcade-quickplay Superstar KO mode has led to a 600% increase in player engagement which means that in total, seven times the amount of people, or instances of using Superstar KO have happened between August 2020 on Madden 21 and 2021 on Madden 22.

    EA also conducted informal polling among Madden players through data collection. Now they know, for instance that the Titans acquisition of Julio Jones (and maybe the NFL's relaxed rule on numbers) have resulted in Madden players having more than doubled their usage of the Tennessee franchise.

    Either this or the Titans have more supporters than they did last year. The Titans are now the second-most-used team, just behind Lamar Jackson's Baltimore Ravens. Thanks to the selections of Trevor Lawrence, Justin Fields, and Justin Fields respectively, the Jacksonville Jaguars and Chicago Bears more than double their team usage.

    There will be a few other events of note this weekend that will be tied to the NFL kickoff weekend. In the evening, at 7 p.m., Madden Championship Series the e-sports league known as Madden is scheduled to buy Madden 22 coins start at 7 p.m. ET tonight. At 5:30 p.m. ET, the Madden Twitch page and NFL YouTube will feature a showdown between two fantastic entertainers, NFL legend (and YouTube star) Marshawn Lynch and rapper/actor/comedian Lil Dicky, called "The Kickoff." Lastly, EA will also be discounting the Madden NFL 22 MVP Edition by 25%.