I bought the doll from the Witch

  • I bought the doll from the Witch. I applied Iban's Shadow and Iban's Ashes the burnt tomb, but I then died in the area of the spider during an delay. I was then able to RuneScape Gold take on Kalrag (the gigantic spider). I was able to retrieve the doll from Niloof however I was unable to not take on Kalrag, the Giant Spider.

    The spider didn't react to my attempts at attacking it, and I didn't see it track me. It also said that it was already attacked when I tried to target it. I allowed the attacks to continue for a long time, but didn't seem able to move.

    Iban's Shadow, Iban's Ashes were used in the wrong order. I really couldn't remember which one I'd used first, the Shadow or the Ashes and I didn't know whether the order was really important.

    According to two guides for quests I read, I was supposed to use the Shadow before the Ashes. However, my game quest list revealed that I should have used Ashes first. The quest list also stated that I needed to use these items on the doll.

    I tried to re-apply the Shadow as well as the Ashes. I was able to Buy OSRS Fire Cape get more Shadow however when I attempted to relight the tomb to get more Ashes I was informed "You already have removed the Ashes from the tomb."