After about a year away I'm back playing Runescape

  • I'd like to be able to master basic skills such as fishing, mineing, smithing, etc. I currently train at RuneScape Gold a location where no one is. Also, i make good money so i'm not going to give up my job.

    Money is difficult to come by however it will not last for long. I have 43 coal, 4 uncuts saphs (3 rubies three emeralds) and 2 dimonds. Many runes are also in stock, and i'm estimating the price range of 100k to 300k is reasonable. I'm F2P. Also, at what age do I need to get my def upto 40?

    After about a year away I'm back playing Runescape. All the new features are overwhelming. I left right after they started introducing farming, partly because I believe farming is boring, and my bank account was completely stuffed with all these seeds.

    But, the majority of my stuff has been converted to cash at GX. I have around 1.8m of gold. The majority of my gold came from running essences or stealing seeds. I have an armor set that includes a Full Rune Set and a full-blue Dragon. I have a magic bow and a rune scimmy as my main weapons. My total rating is 941, and my highest combat ability is rated at 53. Mining, fishing cooking, and fishing are my highest income-making skills.

    I've got all the quests that were easier to Buy OSRS Fire Cape complete from a year or two ago, but there's a lot of quests I don't have yet however, the quests I left behind when I stopped playing seemed really hard. (I kept dying. ) It looks like there's been some simpler versions added in the past.