I'm trying to figure out how to improve my Crafting

  • I'm a novice here. I used to be 250k wealthy, but now I'm just 1k. I tried to RuneScape Gold sell 4k willow logs for sale on the Grand Exchange but it didn't sell for more than a week. The same thing with lobbys, even with the minimun cost. I am F2P.

    The crafters are selling less than 1k, so air running is not a good option. The price used to be more than 2K. Since it failed, I won't sell anything on the site. Selling things on the Grand Exchange may be bad, since no one actually uses it to buy anything. Mining takes too much time, killing cows to make cowhides is too slow, and nobody would ever purchase the hides. Do you have any suggestions for me. I'd like to earn at most 10-30k per hour.

    I'm working my way up to 61 crafting. Right now, I'm a healthy and active 58 year old but need to be 61 quickly. I've been making Coifs by the truckload and have bought the thread and leather from the GE on multiple occasions. But, I came across a flaw in my ideas ....no-one has bought my Coifs so it's a loss of money...and at a rapid rate.

    I'm trying to figure out how to improve my Crafting. Making Coifs will make me spend something close to 360K just to reach my target. If I could I would rather invest less than 200k. But there are some catches.

    I do not want to commit hours doing it, I do not want to Buy RS Gold spin Flax and do not care about making a profit. I need 61 Crafting done quickly, and preferably under 200K.