It will not be on the record books

  • Find out more about FIFA 22: Cover, News, Career Mode and Gameplay, Cross-Platform.The game that will forever alter FIFA will forever alter the game EA Sports' FIFA 22 motion recording of FUT 22 Coins a 90-minute spanish-spanish match. Many gamers will hear the echoes.

    Two Andalusian teams play in the glare of Seville's La Cartuja stadium which holds 60,000 spectators. This is the most important match of their lives, and it's evident. Within a few minutes of kick-off, slide tackles are flying into and opposing players fight to get the ball. A last-minute challenge light up the touch sheet, and both teams are facing one another, arms raised, chests bouncing and waving imaginary yellow tickets to the official.

    Fouls pile up, and as does the goal score. Atletico Sanluque?o go 3-1 up. CD Gerena abandons their possession-based and patient game in the second period. The pacy wingers and forwards are replaced by powerful forwards. Long ball are swung into the box, and waves after waves are stop by Sanluque??o's dazzling leaps. Gerena is able to score a goal, however there's a limit to how much wall-to-wall defense is able to absorb.

    They prevail 4-2. With just a few minutes remaining Sanluqueoo's desperate spirit drains already exhausted legs and minds. The Gerena team is shivering on their backs while the players are celebrating. Some glance up, others look around, and some shake their heads. They know the significance of this game It will be considered to be one of the most important 90 minutes of football played. It will not be on the record books.

    The two sides are wearing motion capture suits from Xsens instead of club colors. The players are using laptops in the touchline. Production personnel are also examining the tablets that show live data. Short-range signalling equipment monitor players' movements down to buy FIFA 22 Coins millimetres. Animation directors watch the action on Zoom from thousands of miles away. This isn't the result of the most recent technology in coaching or an space-age scouting group.