I don't expect to get mems any time soon

  • As most gamers are now, it's too late to be able to grind for OSRS Items hours on a single ability. Skills that are mastered are enjoyable if you value that however I became bored of levelling when I hit the 106th level. A +1 on the level is just too much work.

    Although it may not be the best alternative, returning to the game as a nostalgic gamer is possible in a certain extent. The typical response is "If you don't like this game, then go to another game you enjoy, and then take it on." It's fine. It was not a bad idea to visit this forum and ask for suggestions. You never think, you might enjoy myself.

    Additional info: I don't expect to get mems any time soon. I'm very low (1k) after having purchased the 3 sets rare armour. But, I like to wear it because it gives me a reason to feel proud. Str is highest at 93 and Range at 60+, and Magic at 72, i think. Excellent amount of food I purchased to play clan wars (mostly Tuna but also a large amount of uncooked lobs), Explorers Ring 4 which includes the option of free food and so forth.

    If it took less long to get rid of a dung, I would not mind dunging. What has changed in the dunging process since 1.5 years ago? I wouldn't mind playing as a male ~.~), I play as to enjoy playing with others.

    The next is pures, which makes little sense. The combat scaling system didn't harm pures, but because they were unable to wear the armour that increased hitpoints that their opponents with high defense were wearing. Another reason is that those who have the highest level of Buy RuneScape Gold combat will be more famous. While this is true, it's not intended to be an indicator of how hard someone works on their account.