I am not popular as an active member

  • Standard 99 skillcapes could be reduced in RuneScape Gold value. The Max cape will not be as popular as 120 caps, based on the skill level of the 120. The XP earned from 120 capes is approximately the same as that of 8 99s. This can cause a sexist attitude among 120 cape owners in regard to players with 99 or more relevant ability. This could also deter newer players.

    This opens up possibilities of Milestone caps that go above 99 in the future. There is plenty of debate surrounding this concept, with the main argument being that it promotes excessive, unhealthy gameplay. The community will become even more efficiency and XP focused instead of "fun" focused.

    Skills for production will be more costly to learn, since the richest players now have incentive to purchase and utilize massive amounts of supplies. If you voted in the expectation that it would not impact you, you're very wrong. Anyway, I thought that this was an opportunity to show the concept video that showcases 120 emotives of skill.

    I'm certain I'm aware... I am not popular as an active member. In fact, I have not been active in the forums over the past six years. I mostly played, and came here to read Sal's awesome guidebooks. I still remember my very first Runescape experience.

    I just don't see why people set content-related goals in this game, it has inadequate content. If you enjoy questing, but by 70+ skills you can effectively have a quest cape, and that takes very few hours relatively speaking. I believe that making the game more difficult would be a mistake. The majority of Buy Old School RS Gold updates make it worse. It's easy enough, all you need is to have the time.