We have listed the top 10 players from Madden 22

  • Four players finished at 98 overall. They are Tyreek Hill (Christian McCaffrey), Myles Garrett, Zack Martin, and Myles Garrett. It's possible that a mixture of those players will be in the Madden 22 version of Mut 22 Coins the 99 Club. It will be interesting to see how Hill, Kelce, and Mahomes can join the 99 Club.

    Davante Adams, Packers wide receiver, was the first 99 Club member to be named on Monday. DeAndre Hopkins was the only wide receiver to receive an overall score of 99. We have listed the top 10 players from Madden 22. While there might be a few changes, we'd expect most of these players to be in the Top 10 for Madden 22.

    On Tuesday, Aaron Donald, Rams defensive lineman, was named the next 99 Club member. On Wednesday, Travis Kelce, Chiefs tight end, was chosen as the third member of the 99 Club.Madden 22 Ratings - First 99-Rated Player Unveiled - WR, DL, and more.

    Madden 22's ratings for players have been revealed on ESPN each piece of this week. We now know ratings for a couple of positions. Two members of the 99 Club have been announced already, Davante Adams and Aaron Donald The top 10 wide receivers have also been announced. Also, EA launched a new Madden 22 ratings website that allows players to search any player and view their rating. However, not every player is available currently. As the new positions are announced throughout the week, you'll see more.

    Madden 22's first 99-rated player is Davante Adams the wide receiver of the Green Bay Packers. It's not his first time as a member of the 99 Club, which is not surprising considering how good an athlete he is. EA delighted Adams while he was golfing with a package of Buy Madden 22 Coins gifts that included an exclusive 99 necklace as well as a note signed by John Madden himself--check out the video below.