You have to change the way you do that

  • Sewell's overall score of 75 is the highest-rated offensive lineman rookie, which is not a surprise considering that the highly sought-after Oregon player was also the first off Mut 22 Coins the list on draft night.

    Atlanta's tight end Kyle Pitts, the fourth selection of this year's NFL Draft, leads the in this class with an overall score of 81 at the time of its launch. Two players picked later than Sewell in April's draft had overall ratings over him Denver's Patrick Surtain II and Philadelphia's DeVonta Smith.

    In the previous year, Lions' first-round draft selection Jeff Okudah received an overall rating of 76 points to start the season, but after a season plagued by injuries, it'll be interesting to determine how he's evaluated in the current version of Madden.

    Keep tuned into Pride of Detroit for more reviews and analyses as we move closer to the game's release on the 17th of August.NFL rookies are disappointed by "Madden22" ratings: "You have to change the way you do that."EA Sports' "Madden" ratings may not be the most reliable particularly for rookies.

    With "Madden 22" due out on Aug. 20, EA had first-year players predict their debut numbers. The rookies were awed- and a little disappointed with their debut figures.Take Patriots first-round pick, quarterback Mac Jones, for instance. Mac Jones, an Alabama product 26, who is 26 was asked to Cheap Madden 22 Coins make an estimate of his "Break Tackling" rating.