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  • A PCeU spokesperson stated that a 23-year-old male was detained in RuneScape Gold Somerset by police officers on Tues 24th November. The arrest was made following an allegation that a few RuneScape accounts were hacked, and the man was misappropriated. PCeU detectives worked with JAGEX following the breach being revealed. This cooperation allowed for the collection of sufficient evidence to allow for the immediate detention of the suspect.

    "People who try to ruin the experience of others playing online may be charged with criminal offenses and may be prosecuted," said the PCeU Spokesperson. "The PCeU continues to work with this industry and will look into these claims where it is necessary."

    GDN applauds the members and staff of the PCeU and the commitment of Jagex to ensure a quality game experience for all of its players who are legal. We wish all companies could be as committed. We know that it takes time and resources to pursue this issue, but it's often more convenient to give it up. This is an illustration of how it could be done when the creator of the game seriously considers the possibility.

    Good morning! After trying for over an hour to pay for a sister's membership, I'm exhausted. Paypal Payment: I already payed another account with my PayPal. I tried to purchase an account for Buy Old School RS Gold my sister using the same PayPal account. But, I got an error message that said I couldn't buy two memberships simultaneously since my account was not verified.

    Verifying your account. I went through each step to verify my account. However, I received a message saying that I could not verify my account. I tried over 10 times. Then I called my dad, and repeated the process several times. The process did not work. Country related payments. Luxembourg has all the above, with the exception of Paypal, Credit Card and Credit Card.