Esports are a great method to bring brands to life

  • They also hosted tryouts in 2K22 MT London, Hong Kong and Seoul. "We're determined to get international players that we have identified as being out there." Donohue says. "It's definitely a component of our strategy to have an European division, as well as an Asia Pacific division," before adding "it's actually a matter of when it will happen, not if."

    But it's not just about reaching out to an international audience. Donohue said that the NBA 2K League's main goal this year was to "get more of our local markets and to bring the 2k League experience directly to the players and fans of our teams."

    The Warriors displayed what it could look like recently in their training camp, which saw players relaxing by taking part in the NBA 2K game shown on the enormous scoreboard at Chase Center.

    Donohue claims "Esports are a great method to bring brands to life. There are games that can be played in unique ways."

    The NBA 2K League is beginning to get ready for its fourth season. With an ever-growing fanbase and established relationships, and an ambitious tryout program to find top players from Buy NBA 2K22 MT across the globe It's clear that the world is their oyster.