They will come in both digital and physical formats

  • This year the athletes that will be featured are identical regardless of MT 2K22 host platform version, and there will not be any other cover athletes like "NBA 2K21".

    Officials confirmed that there will be three variations this year. They will come in both digital and physical formats. The three versions include a basic version as well as a cross-generational digital bundle. A special edition commemorating the 75th anniversary of NBA was also unveiled.

    The so-called cross-generation digital bundle is the two-generation version of the PS or Xbox console with a single purchase. If we take the PlayStation platform as an example, gamers will receive the PS4 version and the PS5 version of the "NBA 2K22" game.

    It's important to remember that cross-platform games aren't used on multiple hosts and PCs. But, different generations of the same host family might still be able to share Cross-platform games using MyTEAM mode.

    Officials have also said that although the development team is looking into the possibility to release next-generation performance games onto the Switch and PC, their current prioritization is to ensure that "NBA 2K22' is the best performance on Buy NBA 2K Coins this new console.