These are level 90 and can be difficult to kill

  • You will be led into the Sayanionas' lair. They are aggressive and will attack you. Be sure to OSRS Items pass by the room that is stuffed with Baby Sayanionas (level 25s). These are useless currently. You can run past the Lesser Sayanionas until you reach a room full of Greater Sayanionas.

    These are level 90 and can be difficult to kill. Make sure you keep on your protection from Melee and then fill it up with prayer pots. When it is dead, you can take the horn. Make use of a pestle and mortar to crush it. It will turn into the ground of Sayaniona's Horn. Next, you need the water.

    Return to Solar Isle and enter the Cheiftain’s home. There is one ladder going up and another going down. Grab the pile of rubble and then climb the ladder. Press the rubble to rub it to recover an Enchantment Rock.

    Pick up a pickaxe from the chest located in the west corner. pick the enchanted rock and then collect magic dust. Go up the ladder, and up the other ladder. Fill the vial of Water of the Ancients. Then add the magic dust and you have the vial of Magic Water.

    Then, mix your herbs in the same order that they appear on the scroll. 3 Sunbleached herbs and one Sunset Herb. Ground Sayaniona's Horn. You will receive a vial Enchanted Posion. It is a great addition to the Sunrisen Staff. A Solarus Staff will be given to you. This is the only weapon you can use to Buy OSRS Accounts take out Ethernals. Go back to the Cheiftan.