Most of us need fixers to the champions guild

  • When everyone is at the Salve you will have 5 minutes to RuneScape Gold endure. During that 5 minutes you're in a position to pick up anything that is dropped from the people in your side. Archers are given 25 blessed arrows, monks are given a sword they are suppose to bless for themselves, and they're given garlic.

    During the whole five minutes you're told to live no matter what occurs. Every last vampire that's attacking has to be killed or pushed back throughout the Salve. When the warriors fallback throughout the river, then vampires will begin crossing the river and trying to kill all of you.

    If that happens you have two options, run or fight. Should you struggle and endure for 5 minutes, then you'll win the match. After 5 minutes and victory, your side will see Misthalin soldiers running up the street towards you.

    The Turks will run off and your side will start cheering jummping up and down. Should you win you will find a brief cut-scene of the entire battlefield with all the dead, then the witches kill all the wounded during their retreat, and weaponry on the ground. Then the view will swivel into the 500 Misthalin soldiers arriving to assist all marching in straight rows.

    Cut-scene will finish with all the people that fought hugging one another saying we survived. If you win you'll be awarded 5 bible pages. The benefits and how many bible pages are needed are posted below. Most of us need fixers to the champions guild. Well basiclly I'll begin in Buy RS 2007 Gold the field out.