Blizzard enabled paid character transfers for WoW Classic

  • Today Blizzard enabled paid character transfers for World of Warcraft Classic. This service allows players to migrate their characters to a different realm as long as it’s in the same region. This has been a service many players were looking forward to after the phase 2 honor system release and the existing free transfers caused faction imbalance on high population PVP realms.

    First, there's a 90-day cooldown on transfers, so be sure you want to do it before you pull the trigger. There's also a gold limit that is linked to your player level (1-30 can only take 100 gold, 31-50 can take 500 gold and 51-60 can take 2000 gold). This is done to deter gold farming, and will only impact the most hardcore players as that's a decent chunk of change for a casual fan. You also can't transfer from PVE realms to PVP or from RP to RP-PVP. If you are in lack of WoW Classic Gold, visit our site, a reliable and cheap online in-game currency store.

    Oh, and it costs money, just like the live version of the game! It's $25 per character, per move. Again, make sure you're 100% comfortable before you do it. That fee stings a lot less if you take into account all of the free transfers for populated realms that Blizzard has granted players in the past.

    Paid Character Transfers are now available for players in WoW Classic who are looking to relocate their characters to a different realm within their region. There are a few things to keep in mind before you take the leap into making a home on a new realm.

        Each transfer has a ninety-day cooldown.
        Gold transfer limits specific level ranges are as follows:
            Level 1-30 can transfer with up to 100 gold
            Level 31-50 can transfer with up to 500 gold
            Level 51-60 can transfer with up to 2000 gold
        Characters cannot transfer from PvE realms to PvP Realms and RP realms cannot transfer to RP-PvP realms.