How to Apply for UPDA Examinations and What are its Requirement

  • UPDA stands for Urban Planning and Development Authority and is part of the MMUP (Ministry of Municipality and Urban Planning), MME (Ministry of Municipality and Environment). 

    Ways to apply for the UPDA Exam

    Step 1: Hukoomi Account

    First, you need to open a Hukoomi account with a Qatari ID, mobile phone number, and other details. 

    Step 2: University and certificates

    Check whether your university is already on the MME Approved Universities List; otherwise, you have to go to the MMUP office and inform them there. 

    Required documents: 

    Valid Qatari ID 

    Certificate of completion (certificate of the country of origin and Qatar) 

    Consolidated grade sheet/complete grade sheet (or certified grades from each semester if you do not have the consolidated grade sheet) 

    Internship certificate (optional) 

    Training certificate (optional) 

    PCC (Police Clearance Certificate) 

    Curriculum Vitae (CV) 

    Passport size photo 

    Passport copy 

    Step 3: Certificates

    All certificates must be issued by the competent authorities for UPDA exam procedure requirements of the country of origin, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Relationships must be authenticated. 

    Step 4: PCC (Police Clearance Certificate)

    Police authorization from the country of origin. You must receive a police clearance certificate (PCC) from the country of origin. It also needs to be certified by the State Department to proceed to the next step. For Qatar PCC, you have to do everything; personally, an agency cannot help you. 

    Step 5: Upload Required Documents

    After completing the above procedures, create the documents in the following formats. 

    Step 6: Send

    You will receive the SMS (with the date for sending the documents). Most of you will receive the SMS within a month and send you an SMS/call the day before the exam.