Ultrafine mill is a conscience choice for the milling industry

  • The ultrafine mill is the first fine grinding product in China designed and produced by our company based on German advanced grinding technology. It fully complies with the energy-saving and environmental protection development trend of the domestic grinding market and combines the industry requirements with international standards for grinding. , Is the conscience product of the mill industry.
    After the Ultrafine mill is fully crushed, it is evenly fed from the bottom to the top of the storage bin by the bucket elevator, and then it is sent to the host by the electromagnetic vibration feeder for grinding. The scrap entering the grinding chamber is lifted up by a shovel, crushed and crushed between the grinding roller and the ring, and blown into the grinding chamber under the action of a fan. The powder is blown into the analyzer and sorted. ; The powder that fails to meet the fineness requirements will fall into the grinding chamber for processing again, and the qualified fine powder will enter the finished product cyclone collector with the airflow, and after being separated from the air, it will be discharged as the finished product; the air will return to the air duct from the upper end Return to the fan to form a circulating air path, which can flow under negative pressure.
    The ultra-fine mill can achieve crushing, grinding, lifting, dust removal, and packaging. The entire production replacement can be realized without manual care, which saves a considerable part of human resources for the majority of enterprises. The dust collector can realize the discharge of industrial dust after meeting the standards. This not only protects the environment, but also the dust in the dust collector can enter the market after precipitation. The ultra-fine mill has the characteristics of high output and low energy consumption. The new grinding disc design has high output and strong wear resistance. The service life is twice that of ordinary grinding discs. Using newly designed special bearings, high speed is achieved, while only using one The drive motor ensures efficient impact grinding, which greatly saves mechanical operation time and engineering control.
    The ultra-fine mill is easy to install and maintain, and can be cleaned by opening the door. The milling process is completely sealed, no dust leaks, fully automated, automatic feeding, discharging, sorting, 10-120 mesh adjustable, easy adjustment of the grinding gap It can be adjusted precisely by using a feeler gauge and adjusting bolts. The cooling system of the main engine adopts a dual air and water cooling system. As a very important type of milling machine, ultrafine milling machine has been developed for a long time in China, and it has slowly started to develop rapidly, and slowly develops its shortcomings during the development. Get rid of. The economic development in recent years has been very good, making many domestic industries develop very fast, and the plastic mill industry has also developed very well. What value is there for the position of the plastic mill industry in the market is worth thinking about. Let ’s take a look at the plastic mill industry now in the social development and what status and value we usually have. .
    Now mills can be used in many aspects of our lives. From this we can know how important the machinery industry is for our lives. ultrafine mills are a very important member of the mill industry. It can make our products more perfect. From the current situation, the future development of the plastic mill industry in our country is definitely good. Now the competition in the domestic and international markets is getting more and more fierce. We must continue to improve our ultrafine mill. The technical capabilities of the industry, as well as the level of innovation, allow our own ultra-fine mills to be compared with internationally advanced plastic mills.