What are the wear and tear of crusher equipment?

  • Crusher equipment is in use in the process of wear and tear of the inevitable, especially in the use of the small crusher machine, due to the particularity of the production work, wear is very obvious, the equipment wear faster, and serious damage to the device, will seriously affect the entire production process, is the production line production efficiency greatly reduced. The wear of crusher equipment is mainly divided into the following two aspects.
    Natural wear and tear
    Usually refers to in the normal use and operation of the machine process, the machine parts caused by friction between each other, parts of the instrument geometry and size structure changes. This part of the wear is usually relatively slow, the damage will not be caused in the short term.
    But because the device of wear, can make the mechanical contact clearance between components, after a long wear parts should work together, clearance increases, due to wear and tear can't good combination, it will serious impact crusher equipment production efficiency, at the same time, if not timely replacement of wear device, severe cases may even cause damage to other components, crusher equipment more devastating damage.
    Two, premature wear
    The damage is mainly caused by the unreasonable structure of the machinery itself, the inferior quality of the materials used in some components, the substandard quality of some components and the incorrect installation and operation of the equipment.
    Through multiple analysis, it is concluded that the crusher is a heavy industrial equipment in the use of the process of wear caused by the loss is relatively large, so in the use of the crusher we need to timely good maintenance of all kinds of easy to wear parts and replacement of defective components. Only when we find problems better in the process of use, and deal with them timely, can we better ensure the high efficiency and normal safe operation of the crusher.