Why is there a phenomenon of residual wind in the Raymond mill?

  • The phenomenon of residual wind will occur during the operation of raymond mill. The occurrence of residual wind seriously affects the normal use of the equipment. When the residual wind occurs, it must be resolved in time. In this way, the residual wind can collect the materials normally, quickly and effectively. Why is there a phenomenon of residual wind in the Raymond mill?
    1. The Raymond mill in operation will generate heat, making the temperature of the fluid in the loop higher than the workshop by 30 degrees Celsius. The hot air flow must have a boring effect on the material, so that the moisture in the material will be vaporized, and the system flow temperature. Too high, the entire fluid expands due to the increase in temperature, and the equipment leaks too much, which results in excessive air intake during the use process and too small air exhaust. During the production process, a section of the loop is under negative pressure. Above the feeding port of the mill, they are in the negative pressure zone. The maintenance door and the feeding port of the raymond mill are not tightly sealed during operation, and the air will be sucked in through the feeding port when feeding.
    2. The wind power system is one of the factors affecting the output and granularity of the equipment. If the system is not tightly sealed, it will cause air leakage or powder dust, which will make the workshop environment harsh and waste a lot of materials. Therefore, it is necessary to discharge the excess surplus air through the exhaust air pipe to remove dust, so as to avoid the disturbance of the production workshop. At the same time, the position of the residual air duct should be placed on the air duct of the blower and the large cyclone separator, so that a large amount of material enters the residual air duct.
    3. When using Raymond mill, you can't just understand the knowledge of Yu Feng, but also understand that users must pay attention to all aspects of the understanding when using, so that the user's equipment can play a good state.
    The above is the introduction of the residual wind of the Raymond mill. I hope it will be helpful to everyone and friends. If you encounter problems that cannot be solved during production, you can consult us online and we will analyze your own equipment in detail. Some problems and give corresponding solutions.