Four advantages of SBM heavy industry sand making machine stand

  • The reason why SBM heavy-duty sand making machine stands out among many manufacturers is that it depends on quality at the same price, price at the same quality, and after-sales at the same price and quality, and the quality and service of the sand maker It has been promoted to a certain height, and has been loved by customers for its high performance and excellent quality technology. SBM Heavy Industries has always pursued excellence to create the most perfect sand making equipment, cobblestone sand making machine, and river pebble sand making machine. , And create revenue for customers is the corporate philosophy. In the final analysis, its advantages and successes lie in the four advantages of the sand making machine.
     1. Large processing capacity. The maximum throughput is 520 tons per hour with uniform particle size. Compared with the traditional equipment with the same power, the output is increased by 30% and stable. The product has a cube shape, good grain shape, reasonable gradation, adjustable fineness modulus, and is especially suitable for artificial sand and stone shaping.
     2. Consumable parts with low consumption and long service life. The optimal design of the impact angle of the crushing cavity reduces the friction between the material and the wear parts, which directly reduces the use cost of the equipment. Keep the spindle bearings at a constant temperature and extend the maintenance cycle and service life.
     3.Easy operation and convenient maintenance.The equipment is light weight, various installation methods, and easy to use. Once the specific purpose is clear, only minor adjustments can be made to maximize its excellent performance. Equipped with a hydraulic cover opening device to make the crushing cavity The internal parts are easy to repair and replace, saving time and effort.
     4. Advanced technology The core components of energy saving and environmental protection are selected from internationally renowned brands to ensure a low failure rate of the system; the equipment has low noise and a unique air self-circulation system, which greatly reduces the amount of exhaust air and dust, which is good for environmental protection.