River pebble sand making machine effectively solves the situati

  • In recent years, with the increase of sandstone mining and dosage, natural sand resources have been exhausted, rivers are riddled with holes, and governments at all levels have increased their efforts in ecological environmental protection. A series of limited mining policies have been introduced. The use of mine rock combined with sand crushing equipment, processing and production of artificial mechanism sand is the general trend. Machine sand is gradually replacing natural sand and becoming an important building material. SBM Heavy Industry is constantly pursuing innovation in the field of sand making equipment, and continuously improves the performance of equipment to meet the needs of customers. At present, the river pebble sand making machine has been used in all parts of the country, and the market share has been continuously improved.
    In addition to processing river pebbles, the river pebble sand making machine has good crushing properties for granite, basalt, pebbles, tailings, slag, iron ore slag, etc. These are hard ores, in the process of crushing and producing sand and gravel. The crushing equipment brings about serious wear and tear, and the sand and gravel manufacturers need to spend a lot of money to replace the parts and daily maintenance to ensure the normal operation of the entire production line.
    The river pebble sand making machine has the characteristics of small discharge particle size, uniform grain size, large production capacity, small supporting power, simplified process, simple structure, convenient maintenance and stable operation. At the same time, the new shaping and fine crushing function is added, and the production mechanism sand has finished products. The shape of the grain is good, the square shape is established, the bulk density is high, and the sand formation rate is high. The advanced fine sand making process is widely recognized by customers in the market and is widely used in the construction of engineering projects. The price of finished machine sand is also Higher than ordinary sand making machines.