Sand making equipment plays an important role in construction w

  • Nowadays, the pace of urban construction is accelerating, urban transformation can be seen everywhere, and the amount of construction waste generated is also very large. Construction waste is a factor that has a great impact on the urban environment. There has been no proper treatment method before, resulting in a certain degree of impact of construction waste on the urban environment. At the same time, this is also a waste of resources. Now there is sand production. The application of machine equipment in construction waste makes the construction waste comprehensively and efficiently utilized.
    The sand making machine equipment can carry out the sand making work in the construction process, and the processing waste of the construction waste forms the renewable utilization of resources, and provides high quality gravel aggregate for the infrastructure construction in China. The aggregate produced by the sand making machine for construction waste has a relatively high strength, hardness, wear resistance, impact toughness, frost resistance, water resistance and the like. High strength and good stability. It can produce graded crushed stone, crushed lime soil, two-ash stabilized graded gravel, cement stabilized graded gravel for municipal engineering road base and trench backfill material, replacing some natural stone. If a soil hardener is added, a small amount of quicklime and cement can be saved.
    The sand making machine equipment can now comprehensively handle the construction waste. Reprocessing the waste to produce sand and gravel while treating the construction waste can recycle the resources.