Standing out from the new kid on the block feature NBA draft

  • For floor protectors body-up bumps and body-up rides can be more enjoyable especially for those using the PS5 DualSense Wireless Controller, because of the vibration feedback. Shifts, launches, stops and cuts are all more secure NBA 2K MT Coins, and PS5 players will feel less sliding at both ends of the floor because of improvements to foot-planting.

    Defense was also a primary focus on the next-gen AI front. The new on-ball defensive position logic gives defenders more consistency in their position, regardless their location from where they're positioned. This, along and motion enhancements, allowed us to improve overall defensive positioning. This will mean PS5 players will feel more pressure on-ball than in the game last year.

    The goal this year was to tie the basic Size-ups and Signature Size-ups to give every player their own unique experience and rhythm when they size up, and also give players complete freedom over the way that this series is played out. The speed stick we introduced on PS5 in the past also comes back. Therefore, flicking the stick fast results in faster drips, whereas slower flicks give more lively ones.

    There are over 50 signature size-up packages and 32 unique dribble sequences that you can select from. Try all of them a test and find out which best suits the rhythm of your preferred style of play Buy MT 2K22. From the movement to the new combos and moves, they'll be identical between PS5 and PS4!