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  • Elite finishers have a greater chances of finishing contact dunks in comparison to defenders. For players with the pro or elite packages can make contact dunks more accessible NBA 2K MT, however, the difficulty of finishing increases for players with high paint defense and blocks.

    Dunk contest controls are different than regular dunks that you see in games. Players can choose the type of dunk they wish to execute based on the dunks that are available from NBA 2K22. The timing and execution matter when performing thesedunks, since the judges will evaluate them when scoring.

    Learning about the player's dunk rating and vertical so that you can determine how they perform pro and elite dunk packages is vital. This also helps you to gauge if you can perform the standing or running dunk in a particular guard, forward, or center.

    Dunking is a specific skill that earns not just two points, but some flashy points from the crowd as well. The players must be savvy to be able to tell when to pull off a dunk or settle for a jumper if there is an opponent in front. Dunks might look great but the main thing is to get points.

    NBA 2K22 provides players with more control than ever before in order to make sure that they score however they think is best in the moment Buy NBA 2K22 MT. Don't try a dunk while there is a shot-blocker in the air, or try an off-handed dunk when the opponent is covering your player's dominant hand while driving.